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These are some of the Products that are carefully designed and crafted by expert artisans using skills that have been handed down the centuries

Benefits of Artisan Sinks and Faucets

Artisan sinks and faucets work in even the most demanding settings. The range of sizes and configurations, the extra deep bowls for handling extra large pans, and the variety of faucet styles allow you to create the right workplace for your style of living. The proprietary V-Therm Shield™ provides superior sound deadening and greater thermal retention on many models. Artisan products are as functional as they are elegant.

  • Focus on Quality - sinks made in family owned factory
  • Quality of finish - use of German diamond sanding pads
  • Finish matches stainless appliances and is easy to maintain
  • High quality 304 stainless steel (18/10 Chromium / Nickel)
  • Extremely tight radius on top of sink makes for better fit with granite
  • Tight radius at bottom allowing for larger flat area on bottom than most sinks
  • Rubberized paint and sound pads on sides as well as bottom for maximum sound absorption
  • cUPC Approved - lifetime warranty
  • Almost every sink and faucet in inventory locally with back-up in seven North American warehousesfff