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Angkor-Sangran in 2013 attracts greater tourist numbers

Domestic tourists travelling to Cambodia’s beaches decreased sharply during the Khmer New Year three-day holiday, which ended at the end of Khmer New Year Day, but tourist numbers increased at Siem Reap’s cultural attractions as the Angkor-Sangran kicked off.At Siem Reap during these days, have many people came to visit Angkor Wat and other temples around Angkor area. The Angkor Sangran was held in order to show the Khmer culture and the way people live in the past time. Further more, this event was cooperated with the APSARA Authority which lead by Mr. Sok An, a Director of this authority. Especially, our products were sold at that time.

We are make a lot of Cambodia products. Cambodian artist love our culture and to be a big team think a lot what
are all new products from Cambodian. Cambodian Heritage Artisan bring all best souvenir from Angkor region  to show in now day for remind what are Cambodia had in long time. Cambodia Heritage Artisan keep good job to make our country progress and progress for future. Come to see and sale our products with your building good design when you think to showing in the correct place. We exactly our product make interest for your business grow up very fast.